Departmental policies on late assignments and missed term tests

In some philosophy courses, one or more of the departmental policies listed below are in effect. The syllabus for each course indicates the operative policies.  Where a departmental policy is in effect, requests for extensions/make-ups of term work are granted or denied by the department (ultimately by the chair), not by the instructor. (See the policy on final exams on the UTM Office of the Registrar website).

No Late Coursework

This policy applies to all of the term work for a course. No late assignment will be accepted, and no make-up term test will be given, without an authorized extension (see below).

On Time Only

This policy may be applied to one or more individual assignments or term tests in a course. No credit will be given for a late assignment, or make-up given for a missed term test, without an authorized extension (see below).

5% Deduction

This policy may be applied to one or more individual assignments for a course. Late assignments without authorized extensions (see below) will be penalized at the rate of 5% for each calendar date past the deadline. No assignment more than one week late will be accepted.

How to request an authorized extension or make-up

If a student must miss an assignment deadline or a test for medical or other valid reasons and wishes to request an extension or a make-up test, he or she must file a formal request (see below) in advance of the deadline if possible, or within five (5) days of the deadline. Requests for special academic consideration that are not made in a prompt and timely manner will be denied.

This requirement applies to all students. Students registered with the AccessAbility Resource Centre should inform their advisors of this policy at the beginning of the relevant term and, in addition, must contact their advisors in AccessAbility before filing a request for special consideration.

Such requests should be filed for each assignment or test separately, as registration with the AccessAbility Centre does not generate automatic extensions or make-ups.

To request an authorized extension or make-up test, follow the instructions on the Special Consideration Form (PDF).

If the petition for special consideration is required due to medical reasons, Verification of Student Illness or Injury form must be submitted along with the Special Consideration Form. Students registered with Accessibility Services must also provide a copy of their accommodation letter. Please submit your documentation to Jane Medeiros, Undergraduate Advisor located on the 6th Floor of the New North Building (Rm. 6180).