400-Level Courses (2023-24)

PHL410H5 S – Seminar in 17th and 18th Century Philosophy
Instructor: M. Rozemond     T 1-4 PM   
In this course, we will look at mind-body dualism in 17th century philosophy, beginning with Descartes’s dualism.  Later philosophers in this period criticized Descartes’s view, sometimes by modifying his dualism (e.g. Henry More) sometimes by rejecting it (Mary Cavendish and Anne Conway).   We will also look at the role of dualism in discussions of the status of women and issues around race.
Exclusion: PHL416H5 or PHL402H1
Prerequisites: (PHL210Y5 and 2.5 credits of PHL) or by permission of the Instructor or Department.

PHL440H5 S – Seminar in the Philosophy of Mind
Instructor: D. Raffman     M 3-6 PM   
Advanced topics in Philosophy of Mind.
Prerequisites: 3.5 credits of PHL or by permission of the Instructor or Department.

PHL450H5 F – Seminar in Philosophy of Language
Instructor: N. Charlow      T 12-3 PM
This course will cover the philosophical theory of speech acts — actions we perform with language, like: getting married, naming a child, making a promise, giving an instruction or command, and more. Topics will include the nature and properties of speech acts as well as some philosophical vignettes in the area of speech act theory (e.g., the theory of imperatives, the potential use of speech acts to subordinate individuals and/or social groups).

PHL489Y5 Y – The Socrates Project (by application only)
Instructor: P. Clark      T 9-11 AM
The Socrates Project, offered every year, is a full year course with two components.  First, you will serve as a TA for either PHL103H5 Knowledge and Reality or PHL113H5 Persons and Value during winter semester.  You will attend the two course lectures each week and teach one tutorial section of 20-25 students, meeting with them for 1 hour each week on Friday.  You will grade their papers, hold office hours, and meet with the professor and head TA (a graduate student) as needed.  You will be paid for at least 80 hours of work at the regular unit 1 TA hourly wage.

The second component of the course is a seminar led by a member of the Philosophy faculty during fall semester, together with the writing of a research paper for an Independent Study course in winter semester.  Your supervisor for the Independent Study will be a faculty member of your choosing who is an expert in the area of your research paper.  The seminar will meet once a week for 3 hours during fall term.  Roughly 25% of the seminar will focus on the methods and challenges of teaching philosophy, in preparation for your winter TA work.  The remaining 75% of the seminar will focus on the topics that members of the seminar will write about in their research papers.  Each student will choose a paper topic, assign several readings for the seminar, and then lead the seminar discussion of the topic.  Guest faculty who work on these topics may visit the seminar from time to time.  [36S] Socrates Ad Letter_2023-24.
Preparation: PHL245H5 and 4.5 PHL credits preferred.

PHL495H5F – Special Seminar: Philosophical Problems 
Instructor: B. Yi     W 2-5 PM  
A seminar for advanced students in Specialist and Major Programs in Philosophy. Topic to vary from year to year.
Exclusion: PHL416H5 or PHL402H1
Prerequisites: 3.5 credits of PHL or by permission of the Instructor or Department.

PHL496H5 F, PHL497H5 S – Individual Studies
Individual studies courses (PHL 496H5F, PHL 497H5S) must be arranged well in advance of registration with the individual faculty advisor, and the plan of study must be approved by the departmental chair (please fill out and submit the Independent Study Form – PDF). Anyone wishing to take an individual studies course must contact a potential faculty supervisor with a plan of study (a topic, a course of readings). Spaces are very limited, and faculty will agree to supervise only students who show evidence of excellent self-motivation.