UTM Philosophy Academic Society

The UTM Philosophy Academic Society (PAS) is a group of philosophy undergraduates with a mandate to represent philosophy students at UTM, and organize a variety of entertaining and instructive events throughout the year, including special lectures, membership meetings, movie nights, and more.

The PAS office is located in Maanjiwe nendamowinan room 6156.
Email: philosophy@utmsu.ca
Instagram: @utm_philosophy
Facebook: facebook.com/utmphilosophysociety

A welcome message from President Abraham Mathew

It is said that philosophy has to do with a realm that is detached from everyday life, that philosophers think only about matters that are of little consequence to the layperson. At the Philosophy Academic Society, we strive to dispel this myth by hosting events and discussions that show how philosophy is grounded in reality, and does apply to important aspects of our daily existence, raising questions about who we are, what we can know, and how we ought to live. If you are someone interested in rigorous debate and committed to the diversity of thought and opinion, do not miss this opportunity to join us on this exciting journey. Drop us a line, and we guarantee you nothing but adventure!

UTM PAS Executive 2019-20

President: Abraham Mathew

Abraham Mathew

Abraham Mathew

It is an honour to serve as your President for the 2019/2020 year. We hope to work towards making this society your society by making sure that, through our events and meetups, you too get to be a part of the awe and excitement that the marvellous world of philosophy inspires.

My areas of focus in philosophy include metaphysics and the philosophy of language, with additional interests in medieval and early modern philosophy. My specific interests include the relationship between time and tense, the possibility of time travel, compatibilism about free will, as well as the works of Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and David Lewis.

“If we enumerated the things that are bald, and then the things that are not bald, we should not find the present King of France in either list. Hegelians, who love a synthesis, will probably conclude that he wears a wig.” – Bertrand Russell

Vice President: Isabella Robinson

Isabella Robinson

Isabella Robinson


I am excited to represent the student body as Vice President of the Philosophy Society this year. I hope to engage and enhance student passion for philosophy.
I am interested in all fields of philosophy. I am intrigued by ontology and the study of personal identity. Political philosophy and Lockean ideas of liberty and justice are also themes that I would like to study more in the future.
“Humility precedes honour.” – King Solomon

Senior Advisor: Jeffrey Senese

Jeffrey Senese

Jeffrey Senese

I very much look forward to working as the Senior Advisor to the Philosophy Society this year. I plan to encourage first year students to get involved and meet our wonderful professors. 2019/2020, here we come!

I am interested in German Idealism, specifically Kant’s account of freedom. More generally, I respect Aristotle’s attempt to root ethics in something practical and to learn about how this idea weaves its way through history, all the way into the compromises made in pragmatic thought, especially that of William James. Finally, I enjoy the writing of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche and the phenomenological tradition to which it partly gives rise.

“Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.” – Immanuel Kant

Chris Longley

Chris Longley

Graduate Advisor: Chris Longley

It is a privilege to continue working with the Philosophy Academic Society over the 2019/2020 year – now as Graduate Advisor!
My main area of study is moral philosophy, spanning meta-ethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. I follow in the utilitarian tradition, and have a particular admiration for the philosophy of Derek Parfit. My current research focus, pursued in collaboration with the Joint Centre for Bioethics, is the moral imperative of human enhancement.

“If Objectivism is true, goodness would give us reasons in the way the sun gives light – because it is out there, shining down. If Subjectivism is true, we must make our choices in the dark.” – Derek Parfit, On What Matters