Climate, Diversity, and Inclusiveness

The Department of Philosophy is committed to being a place where all of its members are able to flourish. To ensure this, members of the Department, be they students, faculty, staff, or visitors, are committed to the highest standards of respect and civility. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination, including on the basis of disability, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or economic background. Both as a Department in one of the world’s most diverse cities, and as individual philosophers, we value diversity and equity very highly, and we are committed to improving access to and inclusiveness in philosophy as a discipline for underrepresented groups.

The Department has a Climate Committee that assists in maintaining and further achieving these commitments. The Climate Committee is composed of two student members and one member of the faculty. All members are nominated by the graduate students. The Department also runs an annual climate survey of graduate students on the basis of which the Department seeks to identity and maintain strengths and correct weaknesses.

The Department encourages all its members to be respectful and constructive in philosophical exchanges. All faculty members involved in leading seminars, talks, workshops, reading groups, and similar activities are expected to make themselves familiar with best practices on how to moderate oral philosophical discussions. Discussions in more formal settings, such as in department colloquia or interest group talks, are always moderated. Interest groups are encouraged to adopt their own more stringent guidelines on which they operate.