PhD Placement Record: 1990-1999

The Department of Philosophy aims to keep detailed records of the careers of our alumni,  but our information is not always complete. If you have any information to share about where our alumni are today, or if you are an alumnus yourself and wish to have your current position updated on this page, please contact Mary Frances Ellison.

YearNameDissertation TitleSupervisor(s)Current PositionFirst Position
1999WILLISTON, ByronSelf-Knowledge, Moral Freedom, and the Passions in DescartesGombay, A Wilfrid Laurier University
1999STURDEE, DavidOn the Distinction Between Literal and Non-Literal LanguageKatz, B D Morneau Shepell
1999SPECA, AnthonyHypothetical Syllogistic and Stoic LogicInwood, B C, Normore, C G Polar Aspect
1999SHERMAN, ThomasThe Perfect Happiness of Virtuous Friends: The Nature and Place of Perfect Friendship in the Happy Life of the Virtuous Aristotle’s Practical PhilosophyRist, J M Pontifical Gregorian University
1999SANTAMARIA, AnthonyThe Parameters of Being and Acting Human: The True Case for Moral Science in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas AquinasBlack, D
1999REMPEL, MorganBehold the Men: Nietzsche’s Psychohistory of Jesus, Paul and the Birth of Christianity.Nicholson, G The University of Southern Mississippi
1999RAYMONT, PaulAn Idle Threat: Epiphenomenalism ExposedSeager, W.E. University of Toronto Scarborough
1999RAJIVA, SumangaliKant’s Concept of Reflective JudgmentNagel, G.P. Memorial University
1999PIKNJAC, DarkoMetaphysical Groundwork of the Five Ways of St. Thomas AquinasBoyle, J
1999MOZERSKY, JoshuaTime, Truth and Realism: An Essay on the Semantics and Metaphysics of Tense.Katz, B D Queens University
1999MILLARD, JohnThe Sense of Laughter: A Study of MeaningLangan, T
1999KUPREEVA, InnaAlexander of Aphrodisias on Soul as Form (de anima 1-26 Br). Inwood, B C The University of Edinburgh
1999KAZAN, PatriciaJustice and Diversity: The Politics of InclusionSumner, L W York University
1999GILBERT-WALSH, JamesHeidegger and the Question of CommnityComay, R St. Thomas University
1999ERB, (Senn) HeatherNatural Priority in the Metaphysics of Thomas AquinasBrown, B Seat of Wisdom College
1999DUFOUR, MichelQuand vulgariser c’est traduireHacking, I
1999CUNNINGHAM, AndrewSympathy in man and NatureWilson, F F Stikeman Elliott LLP
1998TAN, Kok-ChorToleration, Diversity and Global JusticeCunningham, F University of Pennsylvania
1998SULLIVAN, WilliamThe Role of Affect in Evaluations, According to Bernard Lonergan: Ramifications for the Euthanasia DebateVertin, J M
1998RAMRAJ, VictorA Theory of Criminal NegligenceThornton, M.T. Faculty of Law
1998LOUGHLIN, StephenA Response to Five Critiques of Acquinas's Doctrine of PassionBrown, B F DeSales University
1998LATUS, AndrewAvoiding Luck: The Problem of Moral Luck and Its SignificanceRipstein, A S Memorial University
1998HINTON, RoryMichael Dummett's Logical Basis of MetaphysicsHacking, I Freelance
1998HENDERSON, RobertMoral Sense and the Ontology of ValueSobel, J.H. Stevenson, J.T.
1998GORMAN, MatthewThe Nature of Negative LanguageWilson, F F Wood Gundy
1998ELLENBOGEN, SaraWittgenstein’s Account of Truth: A Novel Perspective on the Semantic Realist/Antirealist Debate.Apostoli, P.J. Freelance
1998DOW, LuciaGrowing Up Unhappy: Aristotle’s Theory of Moral EducationInwood, B C
1998DAVIS, RichardThe Dependence Problem: Theism, Counterpossibles, and NecessityKremer, E.J. Tyndale University
1998CARLSON, AngelaMindful Subjects: Classification and cognitive DisabilityHacking, I Providence College
1998BELL, IanMetaphysics as an Aristotelian ScienceGerson, L.P
1997WILKS (FRAMMARTINO), AnnaThe Combination of Sensiblity and Understanding in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.Nagel, G.P. Acadia University
1997VERVAEKE, JohnThe Naturalistic Imperative in Cognitive ScienceStevenson, J.T. Psychology Department
1997RUBARTH, ScottThe Stoic Theory of AisthésisInwood, B C Rollins
1997RAKUS, DanielTowards An Anselmian TheodicyNormore, C G
1997MORRIS, DavidThe Sense of Space. An Essay on Spatial Perception and Embodiment in the Spirit of Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of PerceptionNicholson, G A Concordia University
1997KAYE, SharonWilliam of Ockham's Theory of ConscienceKatz, B D Normore, C G John Carroll University
1997IKONOMIDIS, SharonAutonomy, Liberalism, and Advance Care PlanningSumner, L W
1997HYDER, DavidSpielraum: Helmholtz's Manifold Theory of Perception and the Logical Space of Wittgenstein's Tractatus.Hacking, I University of Ottawa
1997HUNTER, AndrewThe Semantic Significance of Donnellan's Referential/Attributive Distinction.Katz, B D Ryerson University
1997GUETTER, DavidMaking sense of `The Appropriate' in Plato's TimaeusRobinson, T.M. University of Windsor
1997BATES, JenniferThe Genesis and Spirit of Imagination (Hegel's Theory of Imagination Between 1801-1807). Harris, H Douquesne University
1996WATKINS, Rodney PaulMaking up One's Mind: The Metaphysics of Privileged Accessde Sousa, R.B.
1996SAUDER, AndreaProspects Without Advantage: Nietzsche's Eternal Return and Kant's Sublime.Comay, R
1996SANCHEZ-ZAMORANO, PurificacionPost-Foundationalism, Human Rights and Political Cultures.Cunningham, F University of Madrid
1996MELANSON, GlenA Theory of Moral Personhood in the Thought of Karl Marx.Goldstick, D.
1996KIGEL, MichaelTo Bind the Chains of the Pleiades; Three Philosophical Comforters to JobGooch, P.W. Jewish Studies
1996KATAYAMA, Errol GuyThe Substantial Status of Artifacts in Aristotle's MetaphysicsGerson, L.P
1996JENKINS, DominickPoison and JusticeGombay, A BASIC
1996GRAHAM, KevinPhilosophical Theories of Justice and AgencyMorgan, K.P. Dyzenhaus, D. Creighton University
1996DOSSETOR, Moira Margaret`Knowing Bodies': Feminism, Philosophy and EmbodimentMorgan, K.P. Offord Groupd
1996CUMMING, AnneAppointment in Samarra: Studies in Self-DeceptionGombay, A
1996BURKE, VictoriaThe Impossibility of the Present: Heidegger's Resistance to Hegel. Comay, R
1996BIENERT, RonaldWittgenstein's Concept of a Language-GameCanfield, J.V.
1996BAILLARGEON, Jean JacquesToleration and Equality: A Defense of Political LiberalismRipstein, A S
1996ALLEN, JulieCommentary on the Second Collatio of Peter Abailard's DialogueNormore, C G York University
1995VARZI, Achille, CUniversal SemanticsHerzberger, H.G. Columbia University
1995SQUIRES, Anthony CraigMemories of Truth, Habits of FollowingNormore, C G
1995SLOBODA, MyronSchemata as Monogrammata: Opening the Way Towards a Kantian Phenomenology of MeaningMorrison, M C Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association
1995ROCKWELL, GeoffreyA Unity of Voices. A Definition of Philosophical DialogueGooch, P.W. the Kule Institute for Advance Study of Arts
1995NICHOLS, Jeffrey BrentThe Relationship of Symbols and Bias in the Philosophy of Bernard Lonergan: An Exploration and ExpansionVertin, J M
1995MAUSERT-MOONEY, JohnAquinas's Use of Self Realization as an Ethical Principle in the Suma Theologiae.Synan, E.A.
1995LANDRY, Lorraine YvonnePostmodernism Debates: Marx, Habermas, and the PoststructuralistsCunningham, F
1995KLIMCHUK, DennisInvoluntariness, Agency and the Criminal LawRipstein, A S, Hacking, I Western Law
1995JAPARIDZE, TamrikoThe Kantian Subject: Sensus Connunis, Mimesis, Work of MourningComay, R
1995GRATTON, ClaudeAspects of the Logic of Infinite Regress ArgumentsTully, R Antelope Vallye College
1995COURTENAY-HALL, Pamela MaeEcoholism and its Critics: A Critical Exploration of Holism in Environmental Ethics and the Science of EcologySumner, L W University of Prince Edward Island
1995COLVERT, Gavin TerenceAquinas on Rationality, Freedom and Deformed ChioiceNormore, C G Assumption College
1995CHUN, Ka-CheongKant's Transcendental Explanation of Our Objective KnowledgeMorrison, M C
1995BUCHANAN, RandolphThe Concept of Contradition in Hegel's DialecticNicholson, G
1995ABOU-RIHAN, FadiRepetitions.Comay, R
1994WONG, JamesOn the Very Idea of the Normal ChildHacking, I
1994VITKIN, MarinaKnowledge and Alterity: Towards a Methodology of Intercultural Understanding.Nicholson, G A
1994SIMPSON, Peter AlanHegel's Transcendental InductionComay, R
1994SHANLEY, Brian JamesThomas Aquinas on God's Eternal Knowledge of the FutureBlack, D
1994REUTER, Mark HelmPlotinus on the role of Nous in Self KnowledgeRist, J M
1994REEVE, Pamela JaneThe Noetic Dimension of the Return to God in Thomas AquinasSchmitz, K.L.
1994MULROONEY, SeanBoethius on "Person"Magee, J.C, Rist, J.M. Regis College
1994GLAZEBROOK, PatriciaHeidegger's Philosophy of ScienceNicholson, G Washington State University
1994DEDRICK, Donald PColor Language, Cultures, and Color Science.Hacking, I
1994ABERNETHY, Brad BContent and Supervenience: A Fresh Look at Putnam and Burge. Seager, W.E.
1993TRNKA, Peter GeorgeThe Politics of EpistemologyCunningham, F Memorial University
1993SCHOENER, AbrahimHeraclitus on WarInwood, B
1993PELHAM, Judith.Russell on Propositions and ObjectsURQUHART, A.I.F. York University
1993MURRAY, Robert Donald.The Explanation of Human Action: A Critical Analysis of Davidson's Theory of Action.Katz, B.D Ruerson University
1993MILLER, Hugh EdmundProving God and Proving Man: The Idea of God in Hegel and Levinas.Nicholson, G.A. Loyola University at Chicago
1993MACRAE, Sinclair AugustA Consequentialist Procedure: An Identity Friendly Interpretation of Long Term ConsequentialismSumner, L.W.
1993LATZER, Michael John.Leibniz's Doctrine of Evil.Kremer, E.J.Gannon UniversitySaint Anselm College
1993KNIGHT, DeborahNarrative Constraints and the Interpretation of Agents Forguson, L.W. Queens University
1993ELLIOTT, David.Moral Character and ConsequentialismSumner, L.W. University of Virginia/Department Head
1993CAMPBELL, Susan Leslie.Expression and the Individuation of Sousa, R.B.
1993BROWN, Deborah Jean`Swampman of La Mancha' and other Tales about Sousa, R.B. School of Historical and Philosophical Inquire
1992WRIGHT, Phillip MarkBeyond the Bounds of Sense - The Rational System in Kant's Three Critiques.Nagel, G.P.
1992SCOTT, Gregory Lawrence.Unearthing Aristotle's Dramatics: Why There is no Theory of Literature.Sparshott, F.E
1992PEPPER-SMITH, Robert James.Self and World: A Conception of Personal Autonomy Based upon Heidegger's Phenomenological Ontology.T.D. Langan
1992KOW, James Paul Anthony.The Religious Basis of Hegel's Ethical Theory.Harris, P
1992EDLER, Frank, H.W.The Significance of Holderlin for Heidegger's Political Involvement with Nazism.Nicholson, G.
1992BREMER, Jonathan EddyMerleau-Ponty's Theory of Intentionality in the Phenomenology of Perception and its Logical Development from Husserl and Heidegger.Normore, C.G. Madison, G.B
1991WORRELL, MarkAren’t You Really a Behaviourist in Disguise? -- Philosophical Psychology in Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Philosophical InvestigationsTully, R E
1991TALMAGE, Catherine Jane Louisa.The Publicity and Privacy of Languages: on Davidson's Conception of Linguistic Meaning.Katz, B.D
1991PEACOCK, Kent Alan.Peaceful Coexistence or Armed Truce? Quantum Nonlocality and the Spacetime View of the World.Brown, J.R. University of Lethbridge
1991MERCER, Mark Douglas.On the Possibility and Nature of Interpretation. Forguson, L.W. Saint Mary's University
1991McGEER, Victoria Lynn.The Meaning of Living Languages.Normore, C.G. Princeton University
1991LEBLANC, JillIneffability Claims in the Mystical Theology of St. John of the Cross.Herzberger, H.G. McMaster University
1991GONZALEZ, Frank Jose.The Tension Between the Means and End of Philosophical Inquiry: Dialectic in Plato's Early and Middle Dialogues.J.M. Rist
1991FERREIRA, Phillip Paul.The Failure of Predication in Bradley's LogicNormore, C.G. Kutztown University
1991BAUR, Michael John.Hegel and Heidegger as Transcendental Philosophers.Nicholson, G. Fordham University
1990VELLINO, André N. SThe Complexity of Automated ReasoningURQUHART, A.I.F. University of Ottawa
1990THOMPSON, Evan TColour Vision and the Comparative Argument: a Case Study in Cognitive Science and the Philosophy of Perception Forguson, L.W. University of British Columbia
1990SPOERL, Joseph SDescription, Evaluation and Self-Reference: an Appraisal of some Arguments for and against Ethical Non-Cognitivism in Recent Analytic PhilosophyVertin, J.M. Sain Anselm College
1990SCHARER, NikoDoing Things in Your Head: A Philosophical Essay on Mental ActionHacking, I
1990RUSSON, John Edward.Hegel on the BodyNicholson, G.
1990KENNEDY, John JEvaluation of Adolf Grunbaum's Critique of PsychoanalysisHanly, C.T.M.
1990IPPOLITO, CalogeroAn Examination of Wiggins' Theory of Identity and Individuation.Katz, B.D
1990IBANEZ-NOE, Javier AlbertoFreedom and Modernity: An Interpretation of Ernst Jünger's Theory of the Modern Age.Nicholson, G. Marquette University
1990HOWE, Leslie AKierkegaard's Critique of EthicsNicholson, G.A. University of Saskatchewan
1990CHECKLAND, David AWittgenstein and Davidson: Meaning and Agreement Forguson, L.W. Ryerson University