Logic Lab

To further improve the learning experience of students in their first two years, the St. George Department of Philosophy runs the Logic Lab, which is affiliated with PHL245H, Modern Symbolic Logic, a core second-year course in our curriculum. Because of the technical nature of its content, and the exercise-based style of learning, many students find they need some extra help with the course material, and we think it’s important to provide our students with all the necessary resources to succeed.

The Logic Lab was suggested and designed by Lecturer Alex Koo to meet this demand. The Lab, which is modeled on the department’s successful Essay Clinic, offers 12 hours of drop-in sessions each week. Teaching assistants, some of whom are themselves undergraduates, facilitate the sessions through group work where students try to solve problems together, as well as helping students one-on-one.

Students have consistently given positive feedback on their experiences with the Logic Lab, and a large number of Modern Symbolic Logic students make use of the Lab. The Lab also benefits students who participate as teachers, offering a rewarding experiential learning experience and a peer mentoring opportunity. Finally, staff and faculty note the Logic Lab increases the presence of undergraduate students in the department’s offices in the Jackman Humanities Building, a very welcome development!

The Logic Lab is supported by funds from the “Advancing Teaching and Learning in Arts & Science” (ATLAS) program.