Safety Abroad Requirements

Students must register with Safety Abroad and meet their requirements to access the SGS Conference and Travel Grants. These requirements apply to all university-funded student research travel (even to the United States).


  1. Add your trip to the Safety Abroad Registry
  2. Complete a Safety Abroad pre-departure workshop
  3. Review your destination’s Global Affairs Canada Travel Advisory
  4. Secure appropriate and sufficient travel health insurance.

IMPORTANT: As communicated to you through the application process, The Safety Abroad Office mandates that all U of T students complete the necessary approval procedures and meet all Safety Abroad requirements prior to travelling outside of Canada, including to the U.S.A. (regardless of any financial support received). Travel conducted without completing all pre-travel requirements will render students ineligible for the SGS Conference Grant or other university support. Please review the Safety Abroad Requirements section of the SGS webpage and review the COVID-19 Planning page well in advance of any travel. For regular updates from the university related to COVID-19 travel restrictions, please visit the VP Students COVID-19 FAQ page.