PhD Placement Record: 1970-1979

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YearNameDissertation TitleSupervisor(s)Current PositionFirst Position
1979WINIEWICZ, David CasimerSelf-knowledge and self-presence in Aquinas: an investigation into the meaning and significance of man's presence in the world
1979WEINBERGER, David DouglasHeidegger's ontology of things
1979SMITH, Lloyd PaulInstrumental rationality and distributive justice
1979MORELLI, Mark DenisPhilosophy's place in culture: a model Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
1979MADIGAN, Arthur RaymondThe doctrine of secondary substance in Aristotle's categoriesRist, J.M. Boston College
1979LEMAN, Ingrid AlbinaThe possibility of an ontological understanding of death and the otherLynch, L. University of Toronto
1979JOHNSON, Patricia AltenberndA hermeneutic analysis of human speaking: an examination and extension of the work on language of Martin Heidegger, Paul Ricoeur, and Hans-Georg GadamerNicholson, G. University of Dayton
1979HARTMANN, Herbert EduardSt. Thomas and prudenceLynch, L. The Catholic University of America
1979HA'IRI, Medhi YazdiA treatise on knowledge by presenceLang, T.J.
1979CHOCHOL, Ronald CharlesMan in nature: the understanding of man in the anthropological investigations of Claude Levi-StraussHanly, C.T.M.
1979ALPERSON, Philip AlanThe special status of music.
1978TREEN, Douglas EarlStructure and praxis: Sartre's structural and historical anthropologyNicholson, G.
1978THOMPSON, Ronald PaulGenetic explanation schemes in biologyGoudge, T.A. University of Toronto
1978SCHWANKL, Paul RichardKant's treatment of moral characterDryer, D.P.
1978ROCHESTER, Judith AnnPhilosophy as therapy: an examination of Wittgenstein's philosophical methodHunter, J.F.M.
1978OYLER, David WesleyMichael Polanyi's philosophy of commitment in sciencePayzant, G.B.
1978MORGAN, Michael LewisForms and form-interrelations in Plato's middle dialoguesAllen, R.E. University of Toronto
1978MC CUMBER, John AlbertThe communicaiton of philosophical truth in Hegel and HeideggerNicholson, G. UCLA
1978MATHIEN, Thomas EdwardThe role of models in anthropological explanationCunningham, F. A. University of Toronto at Mississauga
1978GUTH, Francis Rudolph WilliamWilbur Marshall Urban's synthesis of epistemological realism and idealismWebb, C.W.
1978GHANOTAKIS, George AlexanderThe notion of "essence" (Wesen) in Heidegger's thought: Heidegger's phenomenological explication of the ecstatico-horizontal dimension of intelligibility canadian Institute of Philosophy for Childern
1978DONNER, Wendy AnnJohn Stuart Mill's concept of utility Carlton University
1978COOPER, John WesleyThe philosophical foundations of Ludwig Binswanger's existential psychiatryHanly, C.T.M.
1978CHARLWOOD, Gerald WilliamRepresentations of semi-lattice relevance logicUrquhart, A
1978CAMERON, Jr., William JosephHistorical consciousness and the problem of rationality in existential psychiatryHanly, C.T.M.
1977THAGARD, Paul RichardExplanation and scientific inferencevan Fraassen, B.C.
1977SMITH, Jay AlanPurpose in actionde Sousa, R.B. CIBC Wood Gundy
1977SCHUTZBERGER, Helen AnnAristotle and the supreme mover of the physicsOwens, J.
1977RUEGSEGGER, Ronald WayneThe propositional attitude in perception Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church
1977POISSANT, Leeward JosephAn analysis and evaluation of Bernard Lonergan's proposed method for verification in metaphysics
1977MORRIS, Christopher WarrenSocial relations, socialization, and freedom: toward a social theoryClark, L. University of Maryland
1977MOHR, Richard DrakeStudies in Plato's cosmologyRobinson, T. University of Illinois
1977LENNOX, James GordonA study of the interaction between Aristotle's metaphysics and his biological worksOwens, J.
1977KOGAN, Barry ShermanAverroes' doctrine of causal efficacyMaurer, A. University of Cincnnati
1977GODFREY, John JosephHope and its implications for theism: a systematic analysis in dialogue with Kant, Bloch, and MarcelEvans, D.D. Saint Joseph`s University
1977FJELD, JonAn investigation of the nature and foundation of Aristotle's doctrine of categoriesHerzberger, H.G. Duke University
1977BREGMAN, Robert MichaelThe classical Greek influence on the philosophy of LeibnizMcRae, R.
1977BOWEN, Alan ClivePlato's criticism of harmonic science: an introductionAllen, R.E.
1977BENCIVENGA, Ermanno AngeloFoundations of free logicvan Fraassen, B.C. University of California Irvine
1976WEBB, Thomas RemsonHegelian science and the problem of natureFackenheim, E.
1976WACHTEL, Robert HarryA defence of scientific realismvan Fraassen, B.C.
1976SCHANKULA, Henry Adam StephenJohn Locke: ideas, knowledge, and the limits of science. A historico-philosophical examination of some aspects of An Essay Concerning Human UnderstandingMcRae, R. University of Kentucky
1976RODY, Phillip JosephConfirmation and paradoxStevenson, J.
1976MENSCH, James RichardThe question of being in Husserl's logical investigationsMorrison, J. Charles University
1976GIRODAT, Clair RaymondThe development of man according to the virtues in the philosophy of St. Thomas AquinasSynan, E.A.
1976GIBSON, JoanThe role of mental language in the philosophy of William of OckhamKremer, E.J.
1976FRIEDMAN, Ralph ZevThe relationship of virtue and happiness: a systematic inquiryLynch, L. University of Toronto
1976FLIPPEN, Douglas WayneCognitive species in St. Thomas and Suarez: an investigation into the ground of their differing viewsOwens, J. Christendom College
1976BERGMANN, MerrieA presuppositional theory of semantic categoriesvan Fraassen, B.C. Smith College
1975NORMORE, Calvin GerardThe logic of time and modality in the later Middle Ages UCLA
1975NEUMANN, Robert MichaelThe ethics of revolt: a study in the limits of political theory Trent University