PhD Placement Record: 2020-present

The Department of Philosophy aims to keep detailed records of the careers of our alumni,  but our information is not always complete. If you have any information to share about where our alumni are today, or if you are an alumnus yourself and wish to have your current position updated on this page, please contact Mary Frances Ellison.

(TT) = tenure track or equivalent
(T) = tenured or equivalent
(P) = post-doc or fellowship
(V) = visiting assistant professor, lecturer, adjunct or equivalent
YearNameDissertation TitleSupervisor(s)Current PositionFirst Position
2021Coyne, StevenLiberal Theories of Political AuthorityDyzenhaus, DavidUniversity of Toronto, Mississauga, (V)
2021Melamedoff, DamianThe Grounds of Transcendental IdealismStang, NickUniversity of Manitoba (V)
2021O'Keefe, RachelA χαλεπὸν καὶ ἀμυδρὸν εἶδος: Plotinus’ Theory of Matter
Gerson, Lloyd
2021Munro, DanielImagining the ActualNagel, JenniferUniversity of Toronto, St. George (P)
2021Mason, RobertLeibniz's Modal MetaphysicsRozemond, Marleen
2021Steinberg, EtyeUnthinkability and the SelfClark, PhilTel Aviv University, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics (P)
2021Matyasi, RobertSpinoza's Metaphysics of the Finite: Composition, Essence, ModalityHubner, KarolinaUniversity of Pennsylvania (P)
2021Byrne, CeliaAvicenna's Modal Metaphysics: The Necessity of the ActualBlack, DeborahMacEwan University (TT)
2021Granieri, RobertoBeing as a Kind in Plato's SophistGerson, LloydKatholieke Universiteit Leuven (P)
2020McComb, GeordieThought Experiments and Literary LearningBrown, James RobertUniversity of Saskatchewan (V)
2020Blezy, MichaelKant and Heidegger on Judgment and UnderstandingStang, NickUniversity of Toronto, Scarborough (V)
2020Campbell, DouglasCircles and Rivets: Cosmology and Teleology in Plato's Theory of the SoulBarney, RachelUniversity of Toronto, Scarborough and St. George (V)University of Toronto, St. George (P)
2020Walsh, DanielAction, Causation, and Discretion: An Essay on the Metaphysics of Intentional ActionClark, Phil
2020Oza, ManishLogical Form and the Limits of ThoughtRattan, GurpreetUniversity of Western Ontario, Faculty of Law (TT)
2020Smith, Julia JaelUnacknowledged PermissivismNagel, JenniferUniversity of Toronto, St. George (V)
2020Taylor, EvanKnowledge and Anxious ThoughtNagel, JenniferUniversity of Toronto, St. George (P)
2020Westfall, MasonUnderstanding Minds: Essays on Social CognitionNagel, JenniferUniversity of Toronto, St. George (V)
2020Rabinoff, DanielMaking Sense of Relativized IdentityWilson, Jessica
2020Wright, JessicaOwning Implicit AttitudesNagel, Jennifer
2020Rioux, CatherineRational HopeTenenbaum, SergioUniversité Laval (TT)