PhD Placement Record: 2000-2009

The Department of Philosophy aims to keep detailed records of the careers of our alumni,  but our information is not always complete. If you have any information to share about where our alumni are today, or if you are an alumnus yourself and wish to have your current position updated on this page, please contact Mary Frances Ellison.

(TT) = tenure track or equivalent
(T) = tenured or equivalent
(P) = post-doc or fellowship
(V) = visiting assistant professor, lecturer, adjunct or equivalent
YearNameDissertation TitleSupervisor(s)Current PositionFirst Position
2009Kisilevsky, SariLegal Rules and Legal ReasoningRipstein, ArthurQueens College, City University of New York (TT)
2009Polley, Joanna Opportunities of Contact: Derrida and
Deleuze/Guattari on Translation
Comay, Rebecca, Gibbs, Robert B.Philosophical Therapist in private practice (Toronto)
2009Bialystok, LaurenBeing Your Self: Identity, Metaphysics, and the Search for AuthenticityKingwell, MarkOntario Institute for Studies in Education (TT)
2009Nichols, JoshuaThe Mark of the State: Reading the Writing of 'Right' in Hegel's Political Philosophy Gibbs, Robert B.Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI Fellow)UBC (JD)
2008Beillard, Julien C Davidson on Conceptual SchemesKatz, BernardRyerson University (V)
2008Borgerson, Kirstin Valuing and Evaluating Evidence in MedicineMorrison, MargaretDalhousie University (TT)
2008Bronstein, David Learning and Meno's Paradox in Aristotle's Posterior Analytics Whiting, JenniferGeorgetown University (TT)University of Oxford (P) / University of Oxford (V)
2008Miller, Paul Baron Essays Toward A Theory of Fiduciary LawRipstein, ArthurFaculty of Law, McGill (TT)Faculty of Law, Queens University (TT)
2008Panitch, Vida Back to Basics: Equality, Neutrality, and the Welfare StateHeath, JosephCarleton University (TT)
2008Peterson, JonathanLiberalism and the Public Interest in ArtRipstein, ArthurLoyola University New Orleans (TT)University of Toronto Mississauga (V)
2008Turmel, PatrickLa ville comme objet de la justiceHeath, JosephUniversité Laval (T)
2008Weinberg, Shelley Consciousness in Locke's EssayAinslie, DonaldUniversity of Illinois (TT)
2008Angier, Thomas Peter Stephen Aristotle's Ethics and the Crafts: A CritiqueBarney, RachelUniversity of Cape Town (South Africa) (TT)University of Leeds (UK) (V)
2008Bromwich , Danielle Nicole Belief InternalismTenenbaum, SergioUniversity of Massachusetts Boston (TT)National Institutes of Health (P)
2008Dinishak, JanetteWittgenstein and Kohler on Seeing and Seeing Aspects: A Comparative StudyCanfield, John UC Santa Cruz (TT)UC Santa Cruz (V)
2008Lajevardi, KaaveAgainst Modalities: On the Presumed Coherence and Alleged Indispensability of Some Modal NotionsChakravartty, AnjanInstitute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (Iran) (P)
2008Rand, TomIntuition as Evidence in Philosophical Analysis: Taking Connectionism SeriouslySedivy, SoniaFounder & Director - VCI Greenfunds, Voice Courier
2008Richardson, Kara The Metaphysics of Agency: Avicenna and his
Black, Deborah, Rozemond, MarleenSyracuse University (T)
2007 Nasim, Omar Waqas Constructing the World: Russell and the Edwardian Philosophers Urquhart, AlasdairSwiss Federal Institute of Technology (P) & University of Basel (P)Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (P)
2007Ashooh, Michael Xavier The History of the Rational Reconstruction of ScienceMorrison, MargaretUniversity of Vermont (V)
2007Levin , Abigail Rethinking Rights: Equality, Power, and the Oppression in the Liberal StateSumner, WayneNiagara University (T)
2007Stock, Timothy Edward You Had to be there: Reading Kierkegaard and Heidegger from a Comic Possibility to the Necessity of Love Gibbs, Robert B.Salisbury University (TT)Sarah Lawrence College (V)
2006Dobell , Brian Mark From Presumption to Confession: A Study of Augustine's Intellectual DevelopmentKing, Peter, J. MageeUniversity of Balamand (TT)
2006Fuller, Lisa Laurine Allocating Aid: Justification, Fairness and Deliberation in International Aid Organizations Sumner, WayneUniversity of Albany SUNY (TT)University of Sheffield (UK)(P)
2006Taylor, Chloe Marie Isadora The Culture of ConfessionComay, RebeccaUniversity of Alberta (TT)McGill University (P)
2006Johnston, Rebekah Mae Dunamis in Book IX of Aristotle's Metaphysics: The
Sphere of Motion and the Sphere of Being
Gerson, LloydWilfred Laurier University (T)
2006Vinx, Lars Legality and Legitimacy in Hans Kelsen's Pure
Theory of Law
Dyzenhaus, DavidBilkent University (Turkey) (TT)European University Institute (Italy) (P)
2006Watson, Brandon ScottReason and the External World: Malebranche's Account of our Knowledge of the Existence of BodiesAinslie, Donald C.Austin Community College (T)
2006Angelova , Emilia Transgressing Limits: Kant's Dialectic and the Problem of Metaphysics Comay, RebeccaConcordia University (T)Trent University (T)
2006Garnett, Michael Agency, Liberty, AutonomyWhiting, JenniferBirkbeck, University of London (T) Wadham College, Oxford University (V)
2006Liptay, John The Role of Natural Law and Virtue in the Moral Philosophy of Thomas AquinasBoyle, JosephUniversity of Saskatchewan (T)
2006Millum , Joseph Richard The Adaptation of MoralityThompson, PaulStaff Scientist, Clinical Center Dept. of Bioethics
& Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health
University of Toronto (P)
2006Niculescu, Mihai-Vlad Intentionality and its Vicissitudes: A Study of the Solipsistic and the Relational Aspects of the Freudian Psychoanalytic CureGibbs, Robert B.Bradley University (T)
2006Varden, Helga The Liberal Ideal of Political Obligations: The Lockean Voluntarist vs. Kant's Non-Voluntarist Ideal of Political ObligationsRipstein, ArthurUniversity of Illinois (TT)University of Oslo (V)
2006Warren, Marika Dawn Beyond Autonomy: Justifying Equality Rights for People with Cognitive DisabilitiesSumner, WayneDalhousie University (TT)
2006Arnason , Gardar Agust The Politics of Truth, A Critique of Science and Power with Constant Reference to Michel Foucault A. GombayUniversity of Tübingen (V)University of Iceland (V)
2006Bangu, Sorin On the Pythagoreanism of Modern PhysicsMorrison, MargaretUniversity of Bergen (Norway) (T)University of Toronto (P)
2006Brown , David The Moral Sense in Hume's Treatise and Cicero's De OfficiisJ. BoyleLindenwood University (T)
2005Burns, Lawrence The Ethics of Corporeality: A Study of Phenomenological and Pragmatic Significance of the Human BodyGibbs, Robert B.University of Western Ontario (Kings) (V)
2005Cameron, Margaret What's in a Name? William of Champeaux and Early Twelfth Century DialecticKing, Peter, J. MageeUniversity of Victoria (TT)Hunter College (CUNY)(TT)
2005Cline , Cheryl Ann Beyond Ethics: Animals, Law and PoliticsSumner, WayneQueens University (T)
2005Custeau, Julie The Sense of Injustice and Its Pervasiveness : An Inquiry into Human MiseryGibbs, Robert B.College Montmorency (V)
2005Kirsch, Julie What's so Great About Reality?A. GombayD'Youville College (TT)Marymount (TT)
2005Ozon, Marc The Emergence of Theories of Mental Language in Early Fourteenth Century Philosophy as Explanations of Complex Cognition
C. NormoreSenior Advisor for Innovation, Science and Economic Development
2005Skelton, Anthony Reasoning Towards Utilitarianism: Learning from SidgwickSumner, WayneUniversity of Western Ontario (TT)University of Michigan (P)
2005Lee Richard ChurchmanPlato on Mental RepresentationGerson, Lloyd
2005Austin, Lisa Michelle Privacy, Law, and the Question of TechnologyGibbs, Robert B.University of Toronto, Faculty of Law (T)
2005Kwong, Jack Conceptual Atomism: Towards a Plausible Theory of
Seager, William E.Appalachian State University (TT)
2005Walmsley, Joel Vincent Mind out of Time: Emergence and Explanation in Dynamical cognitive ScienceSmith, Cantwell BrianUniversity College Cork (Ireland) (T)
2004Cale, Gita Responsibility Between PersonsRipstein, Arthur
2004Fox-Decent, Evan Sovereignty's Promise: The State as FiduciaryDyzenhaus, DavidMcGill University (T)McGill University (P)
2004Green, Christopher (How) Do Connectionist Networks Model Cognition?Seager, William E.York University, Department of Psychology (T)
2004Miyasaki , Donovan Freud or Nietzsche: The Drives, Pleasure and Social Happiness A. GombayWright State University (T)
2003Allen-Hermanson, Sean Jack A Vindication of the Minds of Brutesde Sousa, Ronald, Seager, William E.Florida International University (T)
2003Singh Bali, Rajinder Paul Certainty and Religious ExperienceNicholson, Graeme, Goldstick, DanielRyerson University
2003D'Arcy, Stephen Rethinking the Political Morality of PovertyHacking, IanUniversity of Western Ontario, Huron College (T)
2003Hoffman, Glen Adam Truth: The Deflationary Theory vs. the Semantic TheoryMisak, CherylYork University (V)
2003Johnson, Monte Aristotle on the Ends and Limits of TeleologyInwood, BradUniversity of California San Diego (T)
2003Los, Paul "The First Wave": Wittgenstein's Early Influence Upon Russell's PhilosophyTully, Robert E.
2003Tabah, Joshua Government and Culture: Social Capital and the Consolidation of Democracy Cunningham, FrankCanadian International Development Agency
2003Thomson, Katherine The Ethics of Aesthetic FormMullin, AmyOberlin College (T)University of St. Andrews (Scotland) (P)
2003Wheat, David Hildard's Hidden ObserverStevenson, Jack, Seager, William E.Practicing Hypnotherapist (United Kingdom)
2002Byers , Sarah Augustine's Theory of AffectivityJ. Rist, Inwood, BradBoston College (TT)
2002Cook, John Russell Is there Such a Thing as a Language? An Examination of Donald Davidson's "A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs"L. ForgusonSt. Francis Xavier University (TT)
2002Francois, Any Marie-Gerard Race and Other Morally Relevant Categories: A Philosophical Reflection on Sociopolitical Identification and Social JusticeHacking, IanYork University (TT)
2002Gibson , Jennifer Philosophical Approaches to Health Care Priority Setting: Moral Obligations, Practical Realities
P. Singer, Cunningham, FrankUniversity of Toronto, Joint Centre for Bioethics (T)
2002Guenther, Lisa Birth, Time and Ethics Gibbs, Robert B.Vanderbilt University (T)
2002Koritansky, Peter The Question of Punishment and the Contemporary Relevance of Thomas AquinasJ. Boyle, Novak, DavidUniversity of Prince Edward Island (TT)
2002Kraay, Klaas Possible Worlds and the Problem of EvilKatz, BernardRyerson University (T)University of Toronto (P)
2002Leng, Mary Proof, Practice and ProgressBrown, James, Hacking, IanUniversity of York (UK) (T)
2002McGrath, Sean God and the Being That We Are: Martin Heidegger's Readings of Scholasticism Nicholson, GraemeMemorial University (T)
2002Miller, JonSpinoza and the StoicsC. Normore, Inwood, BradQueen's University (T)
2002Nemoianu, Virgil Blaise Pascal on Skepticism and OrderNovak, DavidLoyola Marymount University (TT)
2002Peetush, Ashwani Kumar Multiculturalism, Recognition and DialogueCunningham, FrankWilfrid Laurier University (T)
2002Perelmuter, Zeev Doxa Versus Episteme: A Study in Aristotle's Epistemology and Scientific Thought Inwood, Brad, Robinson, ThomasHumber College (V)
2002Peetush, Ashwani KumarMulticulturalism, Recognition and DialogueCunningham, FWilfrid Laurier University
2002Nemoianu, Virgil MartinBlaise Pascal on Skepticism and OrderNovak, DBallarmine College of Liberal Arts
2002Miller, Jon ArnoldSpinoza and the StoicsNormore, CQueen's University
2002McGrath, SeanGod and the Being That We Are: Martin Heidegger's Readings of ScholasticismNicholson, JMemorial University
2002Leng, MaryProof, Practice and ProgressBrown, JUniversity of York
2002Kraay, KlaasPossible Worlds and the Problem of EvilKatz, BRyerson University
2002Koritansky, PeterThe Question of Punishment and the Contemporary Relevance of Thomas AquinasBoyle, JUniversity of Prince Edward Island
2002Guenther, LisaBirth, Time and EthicsGibbs, RQueens University
2002Gibson, JenniferPhilosophical Approaches to Health Care Priority Setting: Moral Obligations, Practical RealitiesHarvey, W.R.C. Institue of Health Policy Management and Evaluation
2002Francois, Any Marie-GerardRace and Other Morally Relevant Categories: A Philosophical Reflection on Sociopolitical Identification and Social JusticeHacking, ISchool of Gender
2002Cook, John RussellIs there Such a Thing as a Language? An Examination of Donald Davidson's "A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs"Forguson, L
2002Byers, SarahAugustine's Theory of AffectivityRist, J Inwood, BBoston College
2001Wright, DouglasGhost Writers: Theories and Strategies of communication in the Autobiographies of Augustine, Descartes, Rousseau and NietzscheMullin, A.
2001Woodcock, ScottThe Genealogy of Moral Memes - A New Synthesis for Evolutionary EthicsThompson, P. University of Victoria
2001Ulrich, GeorgeUnforgiving Remembrance: the Concept and Practice of Eingedenken in Walter Benjamin's Late WorkComay, RRIGA Graduate School of Law/Doctoral Programme Director
2001Thomson, ChristopherOn the Burden of Proof in Ordinary ArgumentationStevenson, J. The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University (V)
2001Secker, BarbaraMedico-Legal Jurisdiction over Human Decision-making: A philosophical Constructionist Analysis of Mental CompetenceHarvey, W.R.C.Institute of Health Policy management and Evaluation
2001O'Hagan, Emer MaryPractical Reason and the Myth of the GivenRipstein, A
2001Morin, BenoitRevisiting Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: The Issue of SufferingSumner, L.Wayne
2001Mayeda, GrahamEthics and Difference: Time, Space and Ethics in the Philosophy of Watsuji Tetsurō, Kuki Shuzo, and Martin HeideggerStefanovic, I. Faculty of Law
2001Marquardt, SarahThe Freedom, Equality and Dignity of Human Reason: A Reconsideration of Cartesian DualismGombay, A
2001Krein, KevinThoughts Animals Can Think: Attributing Beliefs and Describing Contentde Sousa, R.
2001Jamieson, PaulCognition and Emotion: A New Approachde Sousa, R.
2001Igneski, ViolettaRescue and the Duty to AidRipstein, AMCMaster University
2001Gupta, Jay ApolloHegel's Critique of the Concept of consciousness: Its Relevance to Contemporary Epistemology and Philosophy of MindSedivy, SMILLS College
2001Gomez-Holtved, FranciscoRussell on Logical FormUrquhart, A
2001Gibson, John ChristopherFiction and the Weave of Life: Scepticism and Humanism in the Philosophy of LiteratureSedivy, S. University of Louisville
2001Freedman, KarynNaturalized Epistemology and The Construction of NormativityBrown, JUniversity of Guelph
2001Detlefsen, KarenGeneration and the Individual in Descartes, Malebranche and LeibnizGombay, AUniversity of Pennsylvania
2000Tiller, GlenPeirce, Santayana, and The Presuppositions of BeliefMisak, C.
2000Sztybel, DavidEmpathy and Rationality in EthicsSumner, L.Wayne University of Vienna
2000Switzer, MichelleMoral Sense and Objective interests: Facing the Problem of False consciousnessCunningham, F. Whittier College
2000Potter, JeremyIndividuals, Thick and Thinde Sousa, R.
2000Macleod, DonaldNorms and Nature: Resituating the Mental Causation DebateSedivy, S.
2000Lee, JackyungAquinas and Siger in the Thirteenth Century-Monopsychism ControversyBlack, D.
2000Kumar, Chandra KantPower, Freedom, Ideology and Explanation: Marxian ViewGoldstick, D.
2000Huemer, WolfgangThe Constitution of Consciousness. A Study in Analytic PhenomenologySedivy, S. Universita Di Parma
2000Harris, JenniferFlowers of Grace: A Philosophical Study of Real Presences by George SteinerNicholson, G.
2000Balinski, Marek PawelSelf-Affirmation and the Ultimate Ground of Knowledge in Lonergan's Insight: An InterpretationVertin, M.
2000Arrhenius, GustafPopulation AxiologySumner, L.Wayne Institute for Futures Studies