PhD Placement Record: 2010-2019

The Department of Philosophy aims to keep detailed records of the careers of our alumni,  but our information is not always complete. If you have any information to share about where our alumni are today, or if you are an alumnus yourself and wish to have your current position updated on this page, please contact Mary Frances Ellison.

(TT) = tenure track or equivalent
(T) = tenured or equivalent
(P) = post-doc or fellowship
(V) = visiting assistant professor, lecturer, adjunct or equivalent
YearNameDissertation TitleSupervisor(s)Current PositionFirst Position
2019Wurst, MatthewFree Will in Malebranche and LeibnizRozemond, MarleenUniversity of Texas School of Law (JD student)
2014Sinclair, Susan EmmaBeauty and Ethics: Three RelationsSedivy, Sonia, Mullin, AmyUniversity of New Brunswick, English Department (TT)
2011Riegel, Nicholas Beauty (τὸ καλόν) and its Relation to the Good in the Works of PlatoGerson, LloydEducator/Consultant: English/Communications/Business (Bern, Switzerland) Universidad di Brasilia (Brazil) (P)
2018Pikkert, OwenLeibniz and the Principle of Sufficient ReasonRozemond, MarleenUniversity of Toronto, Mississauga (V)University of Toronto, St. George (V)
2011Kim, DoilXunxi's Ethical Thought and Moral PsychologyShen, VincentSungkyunkwan University (Seoul) (TT)Institute of Philosophy at Seoul National University (Korea)(V)
2011Howard, Scott Alexander The Normativity of Nonstandard Emotions: An Essay on
Poignancy and Sentimentality
de Sousa, RonaldUniversity of Toronto, St. George (V)Harvard University (P) /University of Toronto Mississauga (V)
2015Emmett, KelinKant's Hypothetical ImperativeTenenbaum, SergioMcGill University (P)
2015Davies, JamesHow to Refer to Abstract ObjectsDickie, Imogen, and Kremer, PhilipUniversity of Toronto, St George (V)
2019Carter, ElliotPerceiving Temporal StructuresMatthen, MohanUniversity of Toronto, Scarborough (V)
2018Bryant, RachelTragic Moral Conflict and Endangered Species RecoveryWalsh, Denis, and Sumner, WayneUniversity of Toronto, Scarborough (V)
2015Bonello, Alessandro Aristotle on SpontaneityWhiting, JenniferUniversity of Pittsburgh (P)
2012Schwebel, Paula Louise Walter Benjamin's MonadologyComay, Rebecca, Gibbs, Robert B.Ryerson University (TT)Duquesne University (V)
2014Dosanjh, RanpalA Defense of Reductive PhysicalismWilson, JessicaIowa State University (TT)
2010Dufner, AnnetteThe Normative Implications of Personal Identity TheoryHurka, ThomasUniversity of Bonn (Germany) (P)
2013Pouryousefi, SarehA Normative Model of Professionalization: Implications for Business EthicsHeath, JosephUniversity of Nottingham (UK) (TT)International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (P)
2010Raponi, SandraThe Global Rule of Law: Between a State of Nature and a World State Heath, JosephMerrimack College (TT)York University (V)
2012Thierman, StephenVulnerability, Care, Power, and Virtue: Thinking Other
Animals Anew
Morgan, Kathryn, Stefanovic, Ingrid LemanInternational Psychoanalytical Association (London, UK)
2010Thompson, Samantha Elizabeth Augustine on Suffering and Order: Punishment in ContextInwood, BradArchivist, Peel Art Gallery (Brampton)
2011Beaton, RyanAnti-utilitarians: Kant, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on
Motivation, Agency and the Formation of a Higher Self
Mullin, AmyOntario Court Of Appeal - Law ClerkHarvard Law School (JD)
2014Siebert, MichaelPlatonic Recollection and Illumination in Augustine's Early
University of Toronto Mississauga (V)
2014Schranz, MarkTowards a Radical Republican Conception of PowerHeath, JosephSeneca College, Student AdviserUniversity of Toronto St George (V)
2011Eldred, Kevin James A Phenomenological Analysis of Massively
Multiplayer Online Games
Smith, Cantwell BrianSenior Program Manager - Learning, Engagement & Performance
at Electronic Arts, Vancouver
2015Drummond, IanJohn Duns Scotus on the Role of the Moral VirtuesKing, PeterSelf-employed translator, copyeditor, proofreader
2011Likwornik, HelenaBayes Rules - A Bayesian-Intuit Approach to Legal EvidenceRipstein, Arthur, Heath, JosephStaff Lawyer, Ontario Court of Appeal Faculty of Law, University of Toronto (V)
2010Bader, Daniel W.Platonic Craft and Medical EthicsBarney, RachelPsychotherapy and Mediation (private practice), WaterlooSt. Michael's College (University of Toronto), Faculty of Theology
2011Dimitriu, CristianOdious Debts and Global JusticeRipstein, ArthurGoethe University of Frankfurt (Justitia Amplificata) (P)University of Kansas (V)/University of Guelph (P)
2013Gofton, Brett TysonAnalysis, Systematicity, and the Transcendental in Hermann Cohen's System of Critical IdealismP. Franks, Giibs, RobertLakehead University, Natural Science, Engineering and Health Research FacilitatorEberhard Karls Universität, Tübingen (V)/Fairfield University (V)
2011Sinha, AlexThe Justification of DeontologyHurka, ThomasArnold & Porter, Kaye, Scholer (Associate)NYU School of Law (JD)
2012Browne, Katharine Reason, Evolution, and The Possibility of Cooperation Thompson, PaulLangara College (V)University of Oslo (Norway), Centre for the Study of Mind in
Nature (P)
2013Hunter, Johannes HughBerkeley's BodiesAinslie, DonaldPolicy Analyst (Security), Government of CanadaHumboldt Universität (Germany) (P)/Tyndale University College (V)
2018Davis, JeremyNational Partiality and WarHurka, ThomasUniversity of Georgia (TT)United States Military Academy at West Point (V)
2018Mathison, EricAsymmetries and Ill-BeingHurka, ThomasUniversity of Lethbridge (V)Baylor College of Medicine (P)
2013Baghai, FarshidThe Epigenesis of Pure Reason: Systematicity in Kant's Critical PhilosophyP. FranksVillanova University (TT)University of Toronto at Mississauga (V)
2015Costello, WillieFrom Causes to Forms: The Phaedo and the
foundations of Platonic metaphysics
Barney, RachelUniversity of Toronto, St. George (P)Stanford University (P)
2015Bermudez-Rey, Juan Pablo Automaticity and Control in Human ActionKingwell, MarkUniversity of Neuchâtel (P)
Universidad Externado de Columbia (V)
2010Singleton, Bronwyn CorinneFor the First Time - A Phenomenology of VirginityKingwell, MarkSelf-employed writer/editor/trainer/facilitator
2010Fulkerson, MatthewThe Sense of TouchMatthen, MohanUC San Diego (TT)University of British Columbia (P)
2016 Payton, JonathanThe Metaphysics of Negative ActionTenenbaum, Sergio, and Wilson, JessicaBilkent University (TT)University of Toronto, St. George (V)
2012Tal, EranThe Epistemology of Measurement: A Model-based AccountMorrison, MargaretMcGill University (TT)Beilefeld University (Germany) (P)
2011O`Madagain, CathalThe Public Dimension of MeaningSedivy, SoniaMax Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
(Germany) (P
University College Dublin (Ireland) (P)
2010Millar, Boyd A Defense of SeparatismSeager, William E.Loyola University Chicago (V)University of Buffalo (V)
2018Smith, SeanThe Affective Point of View: Cross-Cultural
Philosophical Investigation of Embodiment, Feeling, and Consciousness
Thompson, EvanUniversity of Hawai'i at Manoa (TT)
2018Garner, Renaud-PhilippeAllons Enfants de la Patrie: An Analysis and Defence of Patriotism and the Social Self
Clark, Phil, and Hurka, ThomasUniversity of British Columbia (Okanagan) (TT)University of Colorado Boulder (V)
2018Zylstra, StephenThe Immanent Causation in Spinoza and ScholasticismRozemond, MarleenUniversity of California, Santa Barbara (V)
2014Roelofs, LukeCombining MindsSeager, William E.Australian National University (P)
2014Kühle, Lana Embodiment and Subjectivity: the Origins of Bodily SelfAwareness
E. ThompsonIllinois State University (TT)
2019Moosavi, ParisaFrom Function to Flourishing: Neo-Aristotelian Ethics and the Science of LifeTenenbaum, Sergio
, and Walsh, Denis
York University (TT)
2019Szlachta, MichaelA Defense of Intellectualism: Will, Intellect, and Control in Late 13th Century PhilosophyPickavé, Martin
St. Francis Xavier University (TT)University of Toronto, St. George (V)
2014Siebert, Matthew KentKnowing and Trusting: the Medieval Social
Epistemologies of Augustine and Aquinas
King, PeterBelmont Abbey College, NC (TT)St. Louis University (P)
2016Fortney, MarkThe Attentive MindRattan, GurpreetUniversity of Toronto, UTM (V)University of Toronto Scarborough (V)
2013Weinrib, JacobAuthority, Justice, and Public Law: A Unified TheoryRipstein, ArthurQueen's University, School of Law (TT)New York University (P)
2014Boyd, Kenneth Epistemically Responsible ActionNagel, JenniferUniversity of Toronto Scarborough (V)Dalhouse University (V)
2017Thoma, JohannaAdvice for the Steady: Decision Theory and the Requirements of Instrumental RationalityTenenbaum, SergioLondon School of Economics (TT)
2014Kriegstein, Hasko vonShaping the World in One's ImageHurka, ThomasRyerson University (TT)Ryerson University (P)
2013Harmer, Adam ChristopherMereological Nihilism: Substance and Matter in Leibniz's MetaphysicsRozemond, MarleenUniversity of California, Riverside (TT)University of Toronto St. George (V)
2014Heney, DianaEthics & Experience: Toward a Pragmatist Ethics
Misak, CherylFordham (TT)Fordham(V)
2015 Suarez, DavidThinking Nature: Towards a Phenomenological
Thompson, EvanUniversity of Toronto, St George (V)
University of California, Berkeley (P,V)
2013Repp, Charles BrandonTruth, Justification, and Literary MeritHurka, Thomas, Mullin, AmyLongwood University (TT)University of Toronto at Mississauga (V)
2016Wald, BenjaminJudging the Guise of Good by Its FruitTenenbaum, SergioOntario Ministry of Health, Senior Policy Advisor University of Toronto, St George (V)
2019Henry, AaronAn Agent of Attention: An Inquiry into the Source of Our ControlDickie, Imogen
University of British Columbia (V)University of British Columbia (P)
2015Irving, ZacharyMind-Wandering is Unguided AttentionRaffman, Diana, and Thompson, EvanUniversity of Virginia (TT)University of California, Berkeley (P)
2013Nisenbaum, Karin AlinaFor the Love of Metaphysics: From
the Revolution in Thinking towards the Renewal of Thinking
P. FranksColgate University (TT)Hebrew University, Jerusalem (P)
2017Stump, JacobSocratic Method and Moral MotivationBarney, RachelUniversity of Toronto, Scarborough (V)University of Toronto, St. George (V)
2016Alford-Duguid, DominicGetting Properties in MindDickie, ImogenUniversity of British Columbia (TT)King's College London (P)
2015Devlin RussellA Developmental Theory of IntentionClark, PhilUniversity of Buffalo (V)University of Toronto Mississauga (V)
2018Hooley, DanielThe Political Status of Nonhuman AnimalsHurka, Thomas, Mullin, Amy, and Sumner, WayneSimon Fraser University (V)
2015Embry, BrianTruth and Truthmaking in 17th- Century
Pickave, MartinSoftware Engineer, Google Inc., Boulder, COUniversity of Toronto, St George (V)
2013Zylberman, ArielThe Relationship of Right: A Constitutive Vindication of Human RightsRipstein, ArthurSUNY Albany (TT)McGill University (P)/ UCLA (P)
2013Poyraz, Suzan YaseminMorality of Personal Punishment: Deterrence and RevengeMullin, AmyAET Group Inc. (Environmental Consultants), Waste Management Consultant; Researcher, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
2017Murray, AdamPerspectives on Modal MetaphysicsHellie, Benj and Wilson, JessicaUniversity of Manitoba (TT)University of Toronto, St George (V)
2016Howton, RobertAristotle's Case for Perceptual KnowledgeWhiting, JenniferKoç University (TT)University of Pittsburgh (P)
2010Ware, OwenKant, Skepticism, and Moral SensibilityFranks, PaulUniversity of Toronto, Mississauga (TT)Simon Fraser University (TT) /Temple University (TT)/ UCLA (P)
2015Piercy, BelindaDisagreement About Beauty: The Role of the Plural First PersonRattan, Gurpreet and Sedivy, SoniaUniversity of Toronto, St. George (V)
2011Jimenez, MartaThe Virtues of Shame: Aristotle on the Positive Role of Shame in Moral DevelopmentJ. WhitingEmory University (TT)
2014Gelinas, LukeVirtuous Action, Inside and OutHurka, ThomasPetrie-Flom Center-Harvard Catalyst Fellow in Clinical Research
Ethics, Harvard Law School (P)
National Institutes of Health (NIH) (P)
2013Arnold, Patricia-AnnReasonable Hope: A Philosophical Counsellor's Approach to Therapy and Post-traumatic StressLange, LyndaTherapist in private practice
2011Connolly, KevinThe Role of Concepts in PerceptionMatthen, MohanMinerva Schools at KGI (TT)University of Pennsylvania (P) / Bryn Mawr College (V)
2017Brandt, JoshuaThe Ethics of Enmity: Partiality's Negative Analogue Hurka, ThomasUniversity of Toronto, Scarborough (V)
2016Reece, BryanThe Ontology, Etiology, and Moral Psychology of Action: Aristotle and TodayGerson, LloydBaylor University (TT)University of Toronto, St. George (V)
2014Sommerville, Brooks AlbertPlato, The Hedonist?Barney, RachelHaverford College (V)Colgate University (V)
2013Bruno, AnthonyThe Bounds of Life: The Role of Death in Schelling's Internal Critique of German IdealismP. FranksRoyal Holloway University of London (TT)Universität Bonn, Institut für Philosophie (P)
2014Horne, L. ChadHealth, Risk and Justice Heath, JosephNorthwestern University (TT)Hebrew University, Jerusalem (P)
2011MacKay, Douglas PaulPolitical Authority and Distributive JusticeRipstein, ArthurUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (TT)University of Toronto (V)
2017Cooper-Simpson, CharlieThe Idealism of Life: Hegel and Kant on the Ontology of Living IndividualsComay, RebeccaUniversity of Toronto, St George (V)
2010Richardson, Carolyn Ann Belief & Linguistic AgencyFranks, PaulCollege of the Holy Cross (V)College of the Holy Cross (P)
2013Prettyman, AdrienneAttention and Conscious PerceptionE. ThompsonBryn Mawr College (TT)