PhD Placement Record: 1980-1989

The Department of Philosophy aims to keep detailed records of the careers of our alumni,  but our information is not always complete. If you have any information to share about where our alumni are today, or if you are an alumnus yourself and wish to have your current position updated on this page, please contact Mary Frances Ellison.

YearNameDissertation TitleSupervisor(s)Current PositionFirst Position
1989WENDLING, Karen KCitizens and Dependents: Equality and Inequality in Liberal Social Contract TheoriesSumner, L.Wayne University of Guelph
1989SHANNON, Daniel EThe Question concerning the Factum of Experience: the Ontological Dimensions of Hegel's ThoughtSchmitz, K.L. Depauw University
1989MARTIN, James T. HActive Mind in the Context of Aristotle's De AnimaOwens, J.J.
1989IWUCHUKWU, Oliver"Political Consciousness in Marxist Theory."Cunningham, F. A.
1989DUNNE, DeborrahMeaning, Intentionality, and the Nature of Beliefde Sousa, R.B.
1989CROOKS, James RBetween Nihilism and Nothingness: Heidegger's {Auseinandersetzung} with NietzscheNicholson, G.A. Bishop's University
1988WEATHERSTON, Martin BarrCategories and temporality: Heidegger's interpretation of KantNicholson, G. East Stroundsburg University
1988TURNEY, Peter DavidInductive inference and stabilityUrquhart, A Self-Employed
1988SILVERBERG, Arnold SAnti-Realism in Semantics and LogicUrquhart, A
1988MARLER, Jack CharnerThe logic of ultimacy: negativity and unknowing in Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite and in Johannes Scottus, EriugenaReilly, J.P.
1988DJUTH, MarianneThe problem of free choice of will in the thought of Augustine, John Cassian, and Faustus of Riez
1988BONTEKOE, RonaldThe epistemology of metaphysics: a refutation of some contemporary objections to speculative philosophyNicholson, G. University of Hawaii
1987PETERSON, Mark Charles EdwardVolcanos in the sky: nature's contribution to Hegel's Philosophy of NatureSchmitz, K.L.
1987MORERA DULSAT, EsteveGramsci's historicism: a realist interpretationCunningham, F. A. York University
1987LAMPERT, Jay RaymondHusserl's concept of synthesis in the Logical InvestigationsPietersma, H Duquesne University
1987GRYGIEL, Terry Edward MichaelAristotle, function, and intentionalityThornton, M.T.
1987DESLAURIERS, MargueriteAristotle on definitionRist, J.M. McGill University
1987BYRNE, Laura MaryHegel's critique of Spinoza's concept of substanceSchmitz, K.L.
1987BRISON, Susan JoyDO WE THINK IN MENTALESE? A Critique of the "Language of Thought" HypothesisForguson, L Dartmoth College
1986TAIWO, OlufemiLegal naturalismCunningham, F. A. Cornell University
1986STINGL, Michael JosephThe relevance of a competence/performance distinction to theory selection in ethicsSumner, L.Wayne University of Lethbridge
1986STALEY, Kevin MichaelHappiness: a study of man's natural perfection in the philosophy of Thomas AquinasReilly, J.P.
1986ROMAN, Romano XavierMoral magic: the power of a rightSumner, L.Wayne
1986MOOSA, ImtiazScheler's philosophy of value and ethics in relation to Kant's ethicsMorrison, J. University of Wisconsin
1986GIBBS, Robert BernardResponsibility in community: a portrait in philosophy of religionEvans, D.D. University of Toronto
1986FALKENSTEIN, Lorenz GerhardtSpace, time and the theory of transcendental idealism in Kant's transcendental aestheticNagel, G.P. Western University
1986COMAY, Rebecca"Beyond" Aufhebung : reflections on the bad infiniteNicholson, G. University of Toronto
1986BLACKBURN, William KimReference and descriptionsKatz, B
1986BAUGH, Laurie BruceArt and authenticity Thompson Rivers University
1986BADHWAR, Neera KapurThe ethical significance of friendshipde Sousa, R.B.
1985PINEAU, Lois IsabelRussell's theory of ordinary names: a reinterpretationForguson, L
1985NAJJAR, Ibrahim YusufA study of Russell's theory of desire in connection with his doctrine of neutral monism in The Analysis of MindTully, R
1985MILLS, Charles WadeThe concept of ideology in the thought of Marx and EngelsGoldstick, D. University of New york
1985MACINTOSH, Philip DuncanA realist conciliation of holism and empiricismForguson, L Dalhousie University
1985HILMY, Sameer StephenPhilosophical method in the later work of Wittgenstein: themes from the emergence of his later DenkweiseHunter, J.F.M.
1985HARLOW, Elizabeth Mary EvansThe agent standpoint and the limits of compatibilism: a study of compatibilism in the context of contemporary action theoryThornton, M.T.
1985COUGLAN, Stephen GerardHume on space and time: a defenseImlay, R.A. Dalhousie University
1984WARDHAUGH, Michael BruceThe roles of sensation and intellection in Aristotle's De AnimaOwens, J. The University of Manchester
1984JACKSON, Brett Edward MichaelEdmund Husserl's rational idealismPietersma, H
1984HALL, Richard Anthony SpurgeonThe idea of community in the thought of Jonathan Edwards: the neglected texts from NorthamptonMaurer, A. Fayetteville State University
1984GELLER, Ann SarahOn the possibility of religious philosophyPietersma, H
1984BYRNE, Christopher JamesSubstance and motion in Aristotle's natural philosophyRobinson, T. St. Francis Xavier University
1983WILKS, Ian LeslieThe Logic of Abelard's DialecticaNormore, C.G. Acadia University
1983WESTRA, Laura SuzanneTruth and existence in Thomas Aquinas University of Windsor
1983VOROBEJ, Mark IgnatConditional obligationUrquhart, A
1983VAN KIRK, Carol AnneKant's science of metaphysicsvan Fraassen, B.C.
1983UTRECHT, Daniel StuartEsse in the Summa contra gentiles of Saint Thomas AquinasMaurer, A.
1983STRATTON, William GriffithHegel on the lawSchmitz, K.L.
1983SMITH, Lorne AlbertThe logic of concept formation in empiricist philosophy and chemistry, from Locke and Lavoisier to John Stuart MillWilson, F.F.
1983SHARP, Connie LeahMoral foundations of terminal careSumner, L.Wayne
1983KORNEGAY, Roberta JoHume on identityStevenson, J. Ryerson University
1983KERNOHAN, Andrew WilliamAutonomous monism: towards a theory of psychological representationde Sousa, R.B.
1983KANITZ, Jon JosephPerception, reasons, and causesStevenson, J.
1983JASPER, Karin RosemarieWeakness of willStevenson, J.
1983HEDENGREN, Paul CharlesUniversals as theoretical entitiesGombay, A
1983CHRISTOPHER, Dennis WayneGrünbaum's metrical conventionalismWilson, F.F.
1983BENGLIAN Jr., Vahan EdwardBerkeley's analysis of the linguistic sources of philosophical perplexityImlay, R.A.
1983ANSLOW, Thomas ChenowithIntellectus as the proper mode of metaphysics according to St. Thomas AquinasMaurer, A.
1982STYPINSKI, Andrzej-BobolaAquinas on the "communicability" of creation: the scriptum and the liber de causisOwens, J. The University of Akron
1982ROLAND, Nelson JaySchelling's critique of Hegel's absolute idealism
1982LEVIN, Victor Israeltheory of freedom and necessity: a new understanding
1982JACKSON, Kathryn NaomiPolitical coercion: its nature and justification
1982HAMPTON, Philip MichaelDirect realism and the phenomenology of perceptual consciousnessForguson, L
1982FROHMANN, Bernd Peter OttokarWittgenstein on proper namesCanfield, J. University of Western Ontario
1982DRYDYK, Jordan JohnHegel and Marx on historical inevitability: a development comparisonCunningham, F. A. Carlton University
1982BURCH, Robert RaynorMartin Heidegger: historical relativism and the essence of ontologyLangan, T.D. University of Alberta
1981ZWICKY, Janine LouiseA theory of ineffabilityde Sousa, R.B.
1981RUSSELL, William BenjaminWittgenstein's grammarCanfield, J.
1981PRITZL, Kurt JohnThe unity of knower and known in Aristotle's De AnimaOwens, J.
1981MORITZ, Karl FranzThought's journey to mystery within HeideggerNicholson, G.
1981MORELLI, Elizabeth AileenAnxiety: a study of the affectivity of moral consciousnessSchmitz, K.L.
1981MAROOSIS, James DennisFurther consequences of human embodiment: a description of time and human existence as disclosed at the origin of Peirce's philosophy of communitySavan, D.
1981HUNTER, Donald GraemeLeibniz: modality and ontologyHerzberger, H.G. Dominican University College
1981HOUSER, Rollen EdwardThomas Aquinas on transcendental unity: scholastic and Aristotelian predecessorsSynan, E.A. University of St. Thomas
1981FRANKS, Joan MarieThe role of imagination in Aristotle's account of thinkingOwens, J.
1981ELY, PamelaThe modal logic of Albert of Saxony
1981CRISTI, Francisco RenatoReading Hegel's Philosophy of Right : the structure of its argument Laurier University
1981BUCHER, Steven PearsonZarathustra and the mythology of German romanticism
1981BRUNNING, JacquelinePeirce's development of the algebra of relations. Ph.DSavan, D.
1981ANDERSON, Stephen MarshallLeibniz on self-awareness as a source of metaphysical insight
1980VAN DEVELDE, Robert WilliamMemory and knowledge: epistemic analysis of the concept of remembering Project Flight Deck
1980VALIULIS, David JohnThe theology of Heraclitus: a pre-socratic pantheismOwens, J.
1980TYMAN, Stephen ThomasHeidegger and the proto-ethical motive for overcoming the ambiguity of metaphysicsLangan, T.D. Southern Illinois University
1980TACELLI, Ronald KeithThings in space: realism and idealism in the philosophy of H.W.B. Joseph Boston College
1980SEAGER, William EdwardMaterialism and the foundations of representation University of Toronto
1980OVERALL, Christine DorothyThe nature of mystical experience: a study in the philosophy of W.T. StaceStevenson, J. Queen's University
1980MANCHESTER, Martin LeRoyThe philosophical foundations of Wilhelm von Humboldt's linguistic doctrines
1980LEDDY, Mary JoannaThe event of the holocaust and the philosophical reflections of Hannah ArendtSynan, E.A. Toronto School of Theology
1980LANGE, Lynda Mary-AnneWomen and democratic theoryGauthier, D.P. University of Toronto
1980LANDOR, BlakeThe ei esti-ti esti distinction in Aristotle's theory of science
1980HALPER, Edward CharlesUnity in Aristotle's MetaphysicsOwens, J. University of Georgia
1980GERAGHTY, Richard PatrickThe object of moral philosophy according to St. Thomas Aquinas
1980DONOUGHO, Martin JohnAn interpretation of Hegel's philosophy of artSchmitz, K.L. University of South Carolina